Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bad day at the office

he tried to take his stapler...


  1. must have been a pretty sweet stapler.

  2. He then set the cavern on fire?
    I've always enjoyed the way you render flesh tones, and the gecko is a nice touch!
    If there's a critique I can offer is that the foreground-midground towards the right side feels rather muddled, and in that the horizon line, which helps with the overall depth, gets lost. Grouping the elements (rubble, column, dead guy)in terms of light/shadow instead of rendering them separately is needed here, I feel.
    Good work!

  3. Thanks for the crits Jason, they're spot on. The sense of space and depth in this painting had been killing me the entire time, I struggled to get the feeling right with so much of the hidden in the back. Defining the horizon more strongly would have helped, I'll have to keep all that in mind next time. Cheers!